Published On: Fri, Jan 9th, 2015

Tech Enthusiast Reminisces The Day He Saw Bitcoin At 10 Cents

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“I mean, I was sitting in the same chair – but now my cash is still in the same Bank of America Account, unchanged!” John Regretman told FakeValley. “I was doing my hourly routine of checking out HN, and I am pretty sure I saw this thing, installed some software called a Wallet etc” John, who was a software developer then and is a software developer now, told our reporter as he recollected that exact moment when the opportunity of his lifetime presented itself to him and he chose to ignore it.

“It was at 10 cents, I bet. I had some 5K in the bank – just do the math. I discussed this with all my friends – I explained the concept of blockchain to them some 10-15 times, even when I knew they were as interested in the topic as a developer in a Friday night party” he said. “I even explained it to my grandma, who was very impressed with the way a Satoshi sounded” John concluded, before proceeding to check out dinner deals on Groupon to save 10 bucks on his next date. The only thing he did not do, he told us later, was to click the damn Buy button.

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Tech Enthusiast Reminisces The Day He Saw Bitcoin At 10 Cents